We provide
pay-as-you-go CFOs who've got the right
street cred. 

Most startups do not need a full time CFO, they need them on demand!




1. Remote work coaching.**

The new norm for companies is to be remote but this can be difficult without the right framework, digitisation and skill set.

We helped build and run multi-national remote companies and now we are here to help you. 

2. Tailor Match Pay as you go CFO & Finance team.

We tailor match a permanent CFO & his team, ready for you to use when you need. 

Its like having an entire finance team paid pro rata! Saving you up to 80% of the costs.

Be it for monthly recurring reporting or one-off projects.



3. Complete Digitisation

Digitise your processes, now!
Get industry leading business leaders to adapt your internal operational & financial process.

Save cost & increase productivity by introducing lean strategies, latest software & real-time analysis.


4. Funding 

We will take care of the entire process for your fund-raise be it from a Series A round or Bill & Melinda Foundation.


Our CFOs have raised millions and will help you with pitch decks, valuations, negotiations, legal & due diligence filing etc.

We c

5. Financial Models

Be it for fundraising, loan or business strategy, having a great financial and business model is key. We allocate a CFO for the entire process or help you with bits along the way.  Human made and tailored models  with extensive analysis and scenario planning.



Deep Industry Knowledge

We have highly accomplished global CFOs who are  data driven, entrepreneurial leaders & best in their domain. We focus on growth and rapid scale businesses because we love the pace!

We take pride in our strategic financial, operational and investor relations expertise with deep understanding of funding, due diligence, compliance, taxation, business intelligence & M&A.

Our CFOs produce best in class reporting for management & investors. Have a look at what our clients say about is below.

Technology + Human

Technology is great we take advantage of the best CRMs, accountancy, sales & operations tools but what makes us different is: we put human first.

All our CFOs are trained in not just finance but operational, data & HR, sales intelligence.


On demand financial service

For most startups do not need a full time CFO however, a part-time CFO is a must and also will provide extreme level of competitive advantage. We give you that option to tap into a super CFO when you need it!

Be it a complete take over of your companies finances with CFO services like investor relationships, budgeting and financial model or work on a single project, we are here for you!


''We are the Uber 
for CFOs - the only difference, you get the same professional every time, so you have your own dedicated CFO on tap''


Hayat Amin

What People Say

Nick McNally,
The Carlsberg Group

I had the pleasure of working with our allocated CFO, where his approach to financial thinking was not only technically excellent but crucially took on a commercial, open and innovative mindset. He was also a great team player who was fun, professional.

Babacar Diallo,
Senovo IT LTD

Beyond Elevation, worked very closely with Senovo IT to completely change the way we do our internal management and board reporting by reshaping and streamlining our entire finance and operational function.


Our dedicated CFO helped us create a vision, mission and OKR for our company, he then built/connected the management reporting and business KPIs to that vision. 


So now we are all aligned and internally everyone is aware of what is going on! I couldn't recommend them enough.

Senovo IT Ltd made £6m revenue last year and we are doubling this year

Max Jenvey

CFO led my companies finance function for almost 5 years. From finance/reporting around our VAT structure to company management and statutory accounts, led a team of great accountants who worked very closely with me and the team & it's safe to say without his watchful eye Oxxygen Marketing would never have done as well.



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