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Hire best in class interim-CFO 
for colossal growth and 70% cost savings!

This is Hayat Amin's consultancy company.
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Hayat Amin

I like to work with 3 or 4 companies at a time so I give them all the time they need and grow with them.


2x exits

3x FT 100 fastest growing SME of Europe


specialise in US & EU, both

15+ years experience

''Fantastic, Very diligent, very reliable methodical, suggesting and implementing great processes''

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William Green (CEO)- L'estrange, Europes' Top 100 fastest SME 2021

''Hayat brings expertise and flair to corporate financial leadership. He intuitively takes ownership of process admin to board level strategy''


Rob Withagen (CEO) - Asoko Insight, Africa's largest data platform

''Hayat can deliver critical insights, and simplify complex financial models and projections to help convey a better growth story. His advice and support helped us answer some difficult questions''


Joysy John (CEO) - 01Founders, backed my Forward Partners

''Hayat is a world-class, highly efficient, financial leader with extraordinary people skills''


Dan Moller (COO), Vinaya and Deloitte

What We Offer

What kind of CFO do you need?

Growth CFO/FD

Ideal for companies expecting expansion or revenue growth and need on-going support

Monthly Management Reports

KPI dashboard

Investor reporting and relations

Departmental budgets and monthly reporting

Financial strategy and cost optimisation

GTM, Sales intelligence, and FP&A

Any many more...

We recommend 2-7 days a month

Fundraise CFO

Ideal for companies preparing for a funding round.

Financial and business models

Best practice pitch decks, teasers, and others

Contract negotiations, share agreement, and term sheets

Fundraising strategies on how to create FOMO

Cap tables, due diligence ready, legalities and filing

The main point of contact for everything finance

Any many more...

We recommend 6-8 days a month during fundraise


Ideal for companies that want everything.

Grants or R&D strategy and application

Cost and impact analysis

Strict cash control, budgeting, and advisory

Digital transformation

Processes optimisation, streamlining 

On-going tailored reporting and analysis

All things finance tailored and on-demand

Hayat Amin only takes 5 clients like this at a time

Depends per company
Please book a call with Hayat below:

Hayat's on-demand model is efficient and helps startups like us. He was a powerhouse in our senior team for years, led our fundraises, provided investor connections, curated tax strategies, and cost savings and made recurring monthly reports that were priceless.


Babacar Diallo
Senovo Ltd

Why Us
World's best self-help app and Apple app of the year
One of UK's largest Grant-as-a-service
A16z backed (20m Series A) SAAS and Office space startup
Forward Partners backed coding university

Recent clients & investor relations



Deep Industry Knowledge

Hayat Amin has decades of experience in fast-paced tech companies. Going through two separate exits in the last decade, he has accumulated a tremendous amount of unfair advantages from raising funds to growing to how not to fail.

Technology + Human

Technology is great we take advantage of the best CRMs, accountancy, sales & operations tools but what makes us different is: that we put humans first.


On demand model

Most SMEs, do not need a full time CFO however, a part-time CFO is a must and also will provide an extreme level of competitive advantage. We give you that option to tap into a super CFO when you need it!

Be it a complete take over of your company's finances with CFO services like investor relationships, budgeting, and financial model or work on a single project, we are here for you!

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+44 20 3239 3400

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