Most scaleups do not need a full-time CFO, they need them on demand!

''Hayat & Saf (BE) have proved themselves a highly effecient team. Thanks to them we now have a fluid & streamline finance function & delivery of reports!''


''Our part time CFO completely changed our internal KPIs, OKRs & helped aligned to company strategy, now responsible for our financial modeling and  directly helps us with our fundraise, valuation & strategy. His team is responsible for all things business intelligence & reporting to management. Yes, we saved more than half of what we should've paid full time CFO - as we use him when we need to''

BE led my companies finance function for almost 5 years from financial reporting, VAT structure to company KPIs and statutory accounts. 

A great CFO & team of accountants who worked very closely with me and it's safe to say without the CFO's watchful eye we would never have done as well.

Hayat brings expertise and flair to corporate financial management. I welcome the opportunity to provide detailed feedback as and when useful.

Hayat was my point person. He was incredibly helpful from on-boarding through to the very last day. He made an effort to really understand our business, and structure our strategy, reporting and accounting processes to help us be as efficient as possible.





CFO & finance team

We tailor match a permanent CFO & his team, ready for you to use when you need it.

It's like having an entire finance team paid pro-rata!


Saving you up to 80% of the costs.


Be it for monthly recurring

tasks like management reporting or one-off projects like financial models!

Young Man with Tablet

Get reporting that increase effeciency and decrease costs!

Digitise your processes & get industry-leading CFOs to produce your management, department, or investor reporting every month!


Get veteran Tech CFOs by your side!

Few ways they can help:

Ways to position one's R&D application, get strategic CFOs to double your R&D claims!  

How to value your data? CFO level strategies for data monitoring & valuation! 


Financial & business strategies with skillful forecasting and scenario planning! Experienec & skills matter!


Get human made financial models!

CFO will work with the founders, strategise & create a granular tailor-made business model with provable high valuations!

Our CFOs have raised millions from VCs, Angels & Government organisations.

Hayat Amin

Meet your new CFO.

2 time exited CFO/COO with 15 years of experience scaling some of the best high growth companies in the UK & US.




Deep Industry Knowledge

We have highly accomplished global CFOs who are  data driven, entrepreneurial leaders & best in their domain. We focus on growth and rapid scale businesses because we love the pace!

We take pride in our strategic financial, operational and investor relations expertise with deep understanding of funding, due diligence, compliance, taxation, business intelligence & M&A.

Our CFOs produce best in class reporting for management & investors. Have a look at what our clients say about is below.

Technology + Human

Technology is great we take advantage of the best CRMs, accountancy, sales & operations tools but what makes us different is: we put human first.

All our CFOs are trained in not just finance but operational, data & HR, sales intelligence.


On demand financial service

For most startups do not need a full time CFO however, a part-time CFO is a must and also will provide extreme level of competitive advantage. We give you that option to tap into a super CFO when you need it!

Be it a complete take over of your companies finances with CFO services like investor relationships, budgeting and financial model or work on a single project, we are here for you!



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