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Human-made Financial model

UK based two-time exited tech CFO with 15 years of experience will create a tailored financial and business model for your startup.

What does your model consist of? 


Revenue Models

Hayat Amin will get on an initial meeting with you to really understand your business, USP, market, and vision to create a few revenue models. They will represent current business as well as other strategies, and revenue streams that can suit your business. This also will include a detailed pricing strategy, customer intelligence, etc.


Dashboard and Scenario Planning

This is the heart of the model and will include a visual representation and summary of your business for the next 3-5 years. You can easily change scenarios to see how different strategies affect your businesses in the short and long term. 


Inventory, Asset Or Data models

Depending on your industry you will get a tailored Inventory (e-commerce), Asset (engineering), or Data (Software) model. This is key to understanding your valuation, future cashflow, Balance sheet and cost control.


Individual Cost Models

Each business will have key costs to the company, for the main ones we will create separate models which will predict the accurate costs for your 3-5 year Financial Model. The costs will also tell a story and will be strategised by Hayat Amin.


KPIs, Customer Intelligence and FP&A

The right KPIs could make or break your company, and be the main factor in presenting to investors. Hayat Amin's wealth of knowledge in this field will set you up for success as he scrutinises, and digs deep to find your Top 5 KPIs and key financial and data intelligence.


Detailed Valuation Model

Valuations are the number one reason startups and scale-ups get a rejection by investors. Get it right. Hayat Amin has raised funds from all different kinds of investors, he will create a detailed, provable valuation for you.


P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow

All of the above, and various other technical pages and steps will create an automatic, easy-to-use model with a Profit and loss, Balance Sheet, and Cashflow. You can edit, and re-use it for different purposes throughout your company's life, from investing rounds to internal targets to change of strategy.

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