One to one
remote working consultancy from an expert

Tailored coaching on best practices, efficient real-world frameworks & tricks to manage and operate businesses in a remote work setting.


Remote working brings a 43% increase in productivity and saves the company 35% in costs.

Our coaching covers:


Objective Key Results (OKR) is made famous by Google. This is the ultimate framework for your company to align and work towards objectives that directly relates to company vision. The objectives are then measured by Key Results.

We will coach you in details about OKRs and how to use it in practice. We will hand hold your management team for the entire process and more importantly set up processes so it works remotely. 

OKRs are a great way to make sure your teams (no matter where they are) are working with a unified objective.

Finance and reporting

A completely streamlined process for your accounting, reporting and analysis - all on the cloud and real time. 

It is now more important than ever to have company reports to be shared to the entire team. We believer remote working may create isolation and alienation but sharing results & real time monitoring of the company helps bring us together. 


Digital transformation

Digital transformation has become a must at this day and age. Let us do a top to bottom review of your internal process from inbound sales procedures to employee time management, we will look at the most digital and streamlined way of running each function - creating optimisation, impact and saving you cost along the way. 

People & culture

Remote work can be difficult at first for employees, our proven tools will help you connect them in new ways, keep motivation high and culture strong.

We will create tailored processes and framework for your HR department or consult to improve existing one to be more remote friendly - use tools for employee appraisals that thrive in a remote working environment.


Tracking and monitoring can be difficult for managers under remote working environment. We provide and coach on tools and give expert advice to effortlessly manage and create ultimate impact from your operations team. 


Management training

We believe, a lot depends on the company management when the company decides to becomes fully or partly remote.

Culture shift, mindset and leadership skills needed for a successful remote working company is vital, with our service you can now coach your management team to level up and be prepared for any real-life issues that can come up from operational efficiency to employee motivation.


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