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Working from Cafe

Hire a remote work expert to join your team

Remote working brings a 43% increase in productivity and saves the company 35% on costs.

We work with you on tailored best practices,
efficient real-world frameworks & tricks to manage and operate businesses in a remote setting.

Over a decade of experience
Scaling remote SMEs 
Growing engagement for remote Enterprise teams
Creating remote alignment for fast-paced tech companies


Our remote clients


Fabulous App

Fabulous is Apple App of the Year.
World's best self-help app.

Large-scale tech operating worldwide with a team spread to
30 different countries, remote works!


Asoko Insight

Asoko Insight is Africa's largest Company data platform

UK based remote company and with teams all over Africa, US and EU



A16z backed rent marketplace

Hybrid company putting employee values and engagement first

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Hayat Amin

London-based, entrepreneur and 

c-suite consultant with extensive experience with driving scale, streamlined operations, processes, profitability, and HR models for world class remote companies


2x exits

3x FT 100 fastest growing SME of Europe

Mentor Startup Leadership Program (SLP)

15+ years experience


We will completely review current processes, streamline them for world class efficiency 

HR and People

We will trial top frameworks for employee engagement and productivity that is relevant to your culture


Create real-time reporting for KPIs that matter, and  culture that promotes employee that care


We will be part of your team and work with everyone to embed scalable, extremely efficient remote company, that you want to be

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